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Individual performance

Many years of experience, attention to every detail and the best materials from which we make 4mE glasses allow us to offer a product individually tailored to your requirements.

We provide the highest quality, uniqueness and a guarantee of comfort.


Hand Made Glasses

Every pair of 4mE glasses that we offer you is hand-made. Every detail of the lens is hand-ground.

We approach each order individually. It takes a lot of time and requires precision but the ultimate, unique effect and customer satisfaction are the most important for us.


The best materials

All 4mE glasses are made of the highest quality materials.

We use a flexible wire made of surgical steel, which is 100% antiallergic.

 The highest optical quality offers

Carl Zeiss Vision .

All 4mE glasses are made individually.

Minimalist style, flexibility and lightness of 4mE spectacles are extremely unique.


To make glasses we use the highest quality Carl Zeiss Vision lenses, which are made of high elasticity polymer. They are 85% more resistant to cracks than standard plastic lenses.

Eyeglasses  4mE  only with lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision