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We are pleased to present glasses from the 4mE collection ,

designed and made by hand only in our studio.


Minimalist style, flexibility and lightness of the 4mE glasses they are exceptional and unique.


All 4mE glasses are made only for individual orders .

Modifications to the shape and size of the glasses are possible.

We can also make glasses designed by the customer.


The material that we use to construct the entire 4mE collection is a flexible wire made of surgical steel. Windlasses and other structural parts can also be made

made of 100% pure carbon or glass fiber.

These materials are very light and neutral to the skin.

Our proprietary technology allows the construction and assembly of frames and lenses

without any screws, rivets or connectors.

We have almost unlimited possibilities to modify the width of the nosepieces and the length of the temples.


Excellent optical parameters of the glasses ensure the highest quality lenses

Carl Zeiss Vision , made of high elasticity polymer.

They are 85% more resistant to cracks than standard plastic lenses.